New Year’s Wish

My New Year’s Wish for you….

That you see God in the twinkle of an elderly ladies eyes when you compliment her hair, or in a gentleman’s smile when you tell him how handsome he looks today;

That you feel His Presence as you hand your scarf to the one wrapped tightly in a thin sweater at the bus stop, or as you hand the garbage collector a Gatorade, or as you give away your umbrella to the one standing in the rain as you drive by;

That you hear Him as you thank the police officer, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, childcare worker, military personnel, mail carrier, garbage collector, teacher, pastor, cook, cleaning person, or salvation army bell-ringer for doing what they do for you;

That you smell Him as you prepare or buy a meal for your new neighbor, the family whose loved one is ill, or who has just had a new baby;

That you taste God’s goodness as you kiss your spouse, child, Mom, Dad, Grandparent, or pet goodnight.



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