The Art of Journaling

The Art of Journaling
By linda Irene

Journal to Express:
God’s activity in your life
Answers to prayer
Memories/ happy times

Rules of Journaling:
Write using a free-flow of words to express yourself without censoring your feelings or worrying about grammar or punctuation—just write.
• Use a separate journal for each type of writing you want to do or put it all in one—the choice is yours.
• Write until you are emptied of the topic on which you are writing at that moment.

Benefits of Journaling:
• Catharsis – emptying yourself of poisonous, negative emotions; writing things you would not or could not say to others to avoid ‘stuffing’ or repressing.
• Emotional & physical well-being – emotions are balls of energy. Unexpressed energy can cross our wires and tangle us up and bog us down. It takes a lot more energy to hold emotions in than to release them. Writing out our emotions or feelings is safe. We can express without fear of hurting anyone.
• Increased energy – unrecognized or unaddressed emotional wounds saps our inner energy reserves and oftentimes results in forms of depression—anger turned inward. Expression frees us up.
• Clarifies perspectives – often after writing situations seem clearer once strong emotions are out of the way.
• Increases decision making skills – writing organizes your thinking and helps make clear your choices and options that help you move forward.
• Personal growth – going back over your journals after a period of time helps you see how far you’ve come. What didn’t make sense then may make sense now.
• Recording happy times makes for good walks down memory lane.
• Comfort- journaling is the best friend you can tell anything to and know it is never repeated or judged.
• Develop creativity in writing – use prompts for ideas on what to write about and to hone writing skills if you aspire to become a writer. Write all you know about a certain topic and describe it in detail using all senses – sight, sound, taste, touch and emotions. For prompt ideas, Google ‘writing prompts’ and you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Happy Journaling!


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