Reading Notes

Chapter 13 –  Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Interesting things I’ve learned.

Modern technology is growing by leaps and bounds and I am a newbie to almost all of it. For instance:
…I did not know that there is PR specific computer software (Spin Control and Vocus) used to manage media relations.
…that RSS means Really Simple Syndication and that there are free RSS readers (NewsDesk at wildgrape  and Dogpile Search Tool found at.) Rss feeds  dogpile can be delivered right into your computer, cell phone or other wireless device.
…Just as I was getting used to blogs, I now discover that there are also Moblogs and Vlogs (Mobloggers use cell phones with camera to post to the internet, and Vloggers post video logs.)
…cell phones have come a long way too–iphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), which now have internet features–capabilities and features which I do not fully comprehend.
…and now there are electronic blackboards?
All of that–just the tip of the iceberg. I have so much to learn and explore.


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