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Never Give Up


Biblical fishing boat Remember the story about Jesus and the fishermen?   Jesus was teaching the crowds who had come to hear Him speak. Pressed in, He climbed in Simon Peter’s boat to continue teaching. When He had finished, He told Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”

Simon Peter (a professional fisherman) had been out fishing all night and caught nothing.  So when Jesus said, cast out your nets, Simon Peter’s initial reaction was—it’s no use. We fished all night and caught nothing. It is the wrong time of day to catch fish now. I’ll have to dirty my nets again—for no reason…

Simon Peter was looking at circumstances—at the past, at logic and professional experience. But Jesus was saying, Look to Me, not circumstances. I know you have been striving a long time. I know you haven’t gotten what you were toiling for yet, but if you keep your eyes on Me and My word, you will. I want to bless you.

Against his better judgment Simon Peter gave up all he knew to be true to do what Jesus’ said. And soon there were so many fish, nets were beginning to tear, and two boats filled with fish, were on the verge of sinking.

What I learned from this passage (Luke 5:1-8 (NLT)):

  • God knows my struggles and wants to give more than I need
  • Listen and do what He tells me to do, even when it doesn’t seem logical
  • Don’t allow past failures to cloud my thinking and prevent future blessing
  • If God said it—He will do it!
  • God not only equips and empowers me to do what he says, a blessing is the end result.
  • Invite Jesus into my boat (life) and trust Him to take me into the deep
  • It’s my responsibility to believe, and God’s job to do the impossible
  • What God has done for one, He will do for all
  • God is limited only by my thinking
  • Do not rely on my knowledge, wisdom or strength for success, but on God’s

I Can Fly


Glory Window, Thanksgiving Chapel, Dallas, Texas

I love stained glass windows. They are so colorful, intricately made  and majestic. When I gaze into their beauty, I am inspired. I am reminded that as I give God more of my life, I become weightless; I can fly–soar beyond my earthy struggles into the world of limitless possibilities.

I believe it because it is true–with God anything is possible–He said so. I am learning to take that truth into my being and allow it to permeate me until doubts, fears and resistance are no more. I can fly, but only I can choose if I will!

Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety

How fear and anxiety come to us:

  • As a result of experienced trauma –  anything that caused us severe emotional or mental anguish
  • It has been handed down from our parents, and they learned it from their parents, etc.
  • We may have been neglected during our formative years, which casts a lurking, shadowy sense of anxiety around us.
  • Or, we have been so over-protected that we have learned to fear everything.

God does not want us locked up in fear. He gave us the emotion of fear to help us avoid or escape danger. It was never meant to be a roadblock.

Philippians 4:6, 7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything,but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (NIV)

The more trust we can place in God, the less fear we will experience.

1 Peter 5:7 says, You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern. (Phillips)

Think about it. Can you begin in some small way to trust God a little more with each fear? He’s on your side. Turn your fear into peace.

Lumps of Clay

Apparently I am not a baker. I tried. Really I did. But I soon realized that the chocolate chip scone recipe I attempted did not have the required stiff consistency to form a scone and quickly became muffins instead. What had I missed? A taste of the batter quickly identified the need for more sugar—1/3 cup was not nearly enough. I added more sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of shredded coconut. There, that seemed better.

I filled the tins almost to the brim and popped them in the oven for the prescribed time. The smell of freshly baked muffin-scones wafted through the house. I could hardly wait until they were done to taste-test.

At the appropriate time I pulled them from the oven only to discover that they had not risen, they sat right where I had placed them. No glorious muffin tops—just dense, over-sized hockey pucks. Not the store bought beauties I had hoped for, but after a tentative taste, I decided they were still usable.

I thought about the lump of clay I am in God’s hands. Certainly not perfect, but still usable. Perhaps I did not turn out completely the way He had planned, but He patiently continues to mold me adding pinches of sugar and spice. When He is finished, I suspect that I will rise to the top and be a sweet-smelling aroma. But until then—He has His work cut out for Him.

pic source: balticmissionarymemories

Breathe and wait…

Finished writing my new book, “But God.” It’s been entered into a contest to win a publishing contract and publisher review. Breathe…and wait…

Ronald Reagan Tribute

I’ve Got You

A recent chiropractic visit had me positioned on the edge of the table, lying on my side with my top knee bent and by arms crossed at my chest. The doctor was about to apply significant force to my top knee that would thrust my body downward toward the floor.  “Don’t worry” he said. “I’ve got you.”

Sudden onset right knee pain three days prior had sent me to bed with an ice pack, thinking that the ice would decrease any inflammation and I would be on my way.    For three days I slept, applied ice, wrapped my knee in an Ace bandage and was confined to my bed.  Trips to the ladies room were carefully evaluated for necessity; challenging and painful.  By the second night I awoke in the middle of the night with tortuous pain, frightened, alone and no one to call for help. I was unable to walk far enough to get to my car for a drive to the ER. I couldn’t call 911–I had no way let anyone in. They would have had to break down the door, setting off my alarm system.

In my darkest hour, tears rolled down my cheeks. “Lord help me,” I cried. “I don’t know what to do. What am I going to do?” Before my tears hit the pillow I was filled instantaneously with calm.  It was as if a lilac scented, Downy softened sheet floated from heaven and enveloped me. My body relaxed, the pain dissipated and I fell asleep.  The next morning I was able to walk well enough to get to the doctor.

When God says, “I will never leave you”, we can count on it. When He says “I will give you my peace,” He means it. And when He says “I’ve got you,” you can believe it.  Even when you feel you do not have anyone or anything to hold on to in your darkest hour–you always have  God–He has you!







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