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I love the rain

I love the rain.  It reminds me of my childhood.  We had a tin roof over the kitchen of our shingled two-story triplex.  My grandparents lived on one end of the triplex, we lived in the other and my aunt & uncle and cousin lived in the middle.  It was predominately an Italian, Catholic neighborhood, especially since we lived across the street from St. Mary’s Church.  In those days, the nuns wore habits and taught school.  I did not go to Catholic school, but I did go to their summer school program. My parents were divided about religion and  left it up to my brother and I to decide for ourselves as we grew older.

In the summer when the windows were open, I could hear the rain hitting the tin roof below.  I loved the sound of the pinging that it made.  It was so comforting.  Even now as an adult I enjoy rainy days.  They invite me to curl up with a good book and read with the window open, listening to the sounds the rain makes as it drops through the trees and then to the ground.  I love the fresh, crispness of the air after a good rain and the sounds of the birds chirping.  I visualize them splashing about in puddles and pools of water to freshen themselves.

When I visited Washington State, I noticed that the air there was so fresh and crisp–all the time.  Washington State gets a lot of rain.  Someone I met several years ago from Washington once told me, “People who live here do not age, they rust.”  Well, I don’t know if that is true, but I suppose it speaks volumes for the amount of precipitation they experience.

Parents typically admonish children not to walk through puddles after a hardy rain.  But there is something innately freeing when you intentionally splash and frolic in the water.   Waking up to the sound of rain makes me smile. I’ve always loved the water.  As a child we lived beside a creek.  When my mother could not find me, she knew where to look.  As an adult,  I had a condo at the beach.  I was there every day walking, riding my bike, watching ships come in and the tide go out.  Water cleanses not only the body,  but also the mind.  It is refreshing, and healing.

A rainy day is a day of renewal for the earth and for us–one of God’s many blessings.

Happy Hormones and Healing?

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