An Evening with Lyle Lovett

lyle lovett Thursday, August 20, 2015, an evening to remember. Lyle and His Large Bandlyle and bandappeared at the Thrasher-Horne Theatre in Orange Park, FL.

He gave a non-stop, entertaining, enthralling performance. He connected with the audience not only with his musical talent, but also had the them laughing wiith his humorous stories.

The audience responded to him and his band by clapping to the beat, hooting and hollering and rounds of standing O’s.

Lovett, a Texas nthrasher horneative, was born November 1, 1957. He and his band perform a wide genre of music including, bluegrass, western swing, country and Americana, which includes an ecclectic arrary of rhythm and blues, folk, country, rock and roll and blues.

Insturments I counted in his large band ithat I could see, ncluded: two drum sets, bass, fiddle, piano, what appeared to be a zither, guitars, cello and electric guitar.

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Wanna Dance?

Music and dance have always been my salvation.  As a teen one of my nicknames was Twinkle Toes.  Many times when I thought no one was around, I would practice dancing with the refrigerator door handle—I always got caught.  I love most types of music–if I can dance to it or enjoy listening to it, I’m hooked.  There’s something about music that lifts spirits, energizes the soul and brings life to the body.  This video portrays exactly what I am talking about.  Save me a dance, won’t you?  I hope this video brings a little joy into your life.

Source:  YouTube

Quote of the Day

“Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; faith is the courage to dance to it today.”

                                               ~Peter Kuzmic, theologian and author

Source: Guideposts

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